Our Introduction

Have a look at our process and goal… we will love us!

Know DiGiCart Solutions

In the fast growing digital industry of Bangladesh, DiGiCart Solutions is very fresh and young. Although, it has a well esteemed reputation for the service to renowned clients. We have a style of our own to build a brand or an idea and we proceed with constant notation of the audience. We put special emphasis on research and modeling and idea and for that we have dedicated team. Also, studying any new topic is a picnic for us and we do not mind the specialties while sharing. Our teams have been specialized in the following categories:

Data analysis and research

We collect data from unlimited sources and filter them according to your necessity. Then we customize the filtered data to apply. We keep researching the result to make convenient options further.

Marketing expert

We have experts in marketing with experience in both online and offline. Digital marketing is very vulnerable towards trends, so we ourselves updated all the time. Engaging audience is our forte.


This is where the magic happens! With all the collected data and experience we brainstorm with absolutely anyone, about absolutely anything! Creating something pleasant and surprising is our fuel.

Our Vision

We find the digital world addictive and we find enormous possibilities in the arena. Not only for our personal career but also for entire Bangladesh, digital market is a place where we can fully imply our potentials.

We have been following tradition and heritage towards marketing approach for a long time which make us unique and well reputed in the world market.

We also, have enormous talent and curious mind in the young generation with giant hunger for discovering options and playing with the existing methods.

In digicart we blend these two and bring out amazing outcome. We can only imagine how big the return will be when we expand ourselves. For that it will take time, us and YOU. Our vision is for all of us- to get our BANGLADESH on the top of all digital brands.

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Years Of Services


Our mission is to maximize the return on investment for our client while utilizing our maximum resource. Our main resource is our talent and ideas. Our biggest asset being our clients, we do not think twice before putting our highest level of effort on any given project. We have distributed our tasks in 4 major section.